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Your wedding day is the first day of the rest of your lives together. And a wedding video is truly the only way to hold onto the memories, sights, and even the sounds of this sacred day. Almost every bride and groom can attest to the fact that their wedding day was a blur and they wish they could see it again.

The production of a wedding video is more than a just a job. I love to shoot video. And, it's all about the details. From the beadwork on your wedding dress to a tear in a father's eye. From the glow of your wedding rings to the words, "I do". As the bride comes down the stairs after dressing, to the last wave goodbye. A wedding is like a beautiful poem.

On your wedding day, the beauty is already there. It ís in the flowers, the peoples faces, and the wonderful emotions being felt and shared. Nothing can capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments as vividly as a breathtaking, documentary-style wedding video by Henry Franz Productions. Henry Franz Productions will create a film-like account of your Philadelphia wedding with the best equipment, skillful shot composition, and award winning editing.

We know you've put months of time into making sure every detail of your wedding day in Philadelphia is beautiful and flawless and we believe your wedding video should reflect that. We use our years of experience in films, production, and wedding videos to make sure we capture every sight and sound, from the start of the day with preparations to big events to the subtle details. Then we compile footage of your day into a broadcast-quality documentation of unparalleled quality.

With our Philadelphia wedding video packages ranging from the simple to those that include multiple cameras, reality-style coverage, and DVDs with scene selection and bonus footage, Henry Franz Productions has something for every Philadelphia and New Jersey wedding party.

Henry Franz Productions recognizes that the beauty is already there, it just needs to be artfully captured. That's why we pride ourselves on documenting your Philadelphia wedding event as it actually occurred. We don't believe your finished wedding video needs to look like a cheesy karaoke video to be beautiful. Your wedding film will evoke powerful emotions using accurate and intimate images and sounds from your day. Some music will be added to the final edit, but wherever possible we prefer to use sounds and music from the actual event.

Henry Franz Productions offers a personalized experience, tailored specifically for your wedding day in Philadelphia. You'll have plenty of time to plan with the actual person filming your wedding. That means he'll know what to expect and what you want when it comes time to shoot.

By having your wedding day professionally filmed you can look at it over and over again; the beautiful bride taking the breath away from everybody when she walks down the aisle, the proud father by her side, the look in the eyes of her husband to be when he sees her, the ceremony, the kiss, the dinner, the speeches, the groom's speech of love to his wife, the dad's words of advice, the funny stories reveled by the best man, the cutting of the cake, the wedding dance, the blushing bride, the look in the eyes of the groom every time he looks over at his beautiful wife. Your wedding video will take you back to that special day that started your journey through life together as man and wife.

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